ACIM Film Europe – Trailer:

This is A Course in Miracles Film Europe. It is an adventure of a journey without distance through a world that does not exist. The Course in Miracles aims at removing all blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence, now. This film aims at communicating just that. It does that through the personal story of the film maker Andreas and his encounters throughout the entire European continent and beyond. The invitation is to join in our whole mind and to go beyond all limitations to open up for a universal experience here and now. What does it take? All you need…. is Love.

Featuring: David Hoffmeiser, Neta Artzi, Luis Falcao, Nicole Liegenfeld, Devavan, Sar-Shalom Hanegbie, Michael Murray, Alice Friend, Rod Friend, Manuela Tornow, Rainer Tornow, Guðmundur Konráðsson, Ioanna Martziou, Kornilia Nikoleri, Jenny Donner, Oleg Vavilov, Jesus and many more…

Available on DVD and Download / Streaming soon.

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